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Welcome to PB&J!

PB&J™ is the common ground where music fanatics and the everyday listener can come together and enjoy the latest & greatest in all sorts of Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop, Alternative and Indie music…along with anything else that keeps us grooving. It’s our job to brave the interweb and find these gems so our visitors can hear them before anyone else.

Peanut Butter and Jams was started in the Summer of 2010 by two best friends who met while attending college in Florida. As connoisseurs of fine music, we were constantly trading our favorite jams amongst each other in search of bragging rights. The result? One of the internet’s best kept secrets. But like most things that are too good to be true, word got out and now we’re proud to distribute new music on a daily basis to a loyal, multi-national readership! The best part about PB&J is how we’re able show someone a new track that becomes an instant favorite of theirs. You’ve all felt that feeling before, and at PB&J™, we hope you can feel it everyday!

If you’re an Artist, Manager, Label Rep, or Promoter looking to get some love from PB&J™ feel free to shoot us an email. Even if your job description doesn’t necessarily fall under one of those titles and you have questions, comments, concerns, pictures or info on upcoming events/shows that you think we should know about…hit us up anyway!

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