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Review: Chris Carrier – True Step Locomotive [Slapfunk Records]

Posted in Features Tracks by on May 30, 2014

The first half of 2014 has already been riddled with promising, high profile 12″ albums from esteemed producers like Todd Terje and Kassem Mosse – I’m not hear to draw comparisons but the benchmark for experienced producers in the now is the dance album. Not all are polished and most fall short as an EP that drudged on for a record too many. But – if you’re familiar...

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Sundowners – Jungle Line (Dungeon Meat Dub)

Posted in Tracks by on May 30, 2014

Dungeon Meat, you know that fairly new offshoot label and collab project between Tristan da Cunha and Brawther (yeah that one), has filled the dead space between their introduction last fall with the acclaimed single, The Fuck Off Track and their debut EP next month. Fortunately, that dead space wasn’t filled with inane, superfluous interviews and behind-the-scenes nonsense about their...

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Montel launches new label, Bass Hit Dub, shares debut EP

Posted in Tracks by on May 12, 2014

Rewind the clocks to fall 2012 and some of you may recall the pseudonym Montel McWilliams making his stamp with well-engineers and balanced piano house tracks. Since that time, Montel has branched out, experimenting in familiar territories of house all while maintaining his own original sound – a philosophy at the focal point of his new label, Bass Hit Dub. With experience and a wide...

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Review: Oli Furness – Gone Fishin EP [M.I.L.]

Posted in Tracks by on May 7, 2014

Off the coattails of a wildly successful debut EP on his own label (read more about that here), Oli Furness makes another debut on his sister label, M.I.L. The focus of this fledgling label revolves around a more ‘sonically interesting’ palette of work – albeit M.I.L. looks to be a house-centric label but with a much more exotic and somewhat rebellious sound. Honestly, I was a...

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Palace – Touch Me [Unknown To the Unknown]

Posted in Features Tracks by on Apr 29, 2014

Keep it simple – that’s how Palace starts and finishes this track. A strong, driving, and (most importantly) dusty drum patterns sets the stage for a fast and easy 4 minutes of chugging. The chunky and lethargic synth breakdown presses forward, teasing with a portion of the drum break hear and there before hastily bringing the beat back together. What I love most of all about this...

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