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Cream Dream’s “Total Babe” – PB&J Exclusive EP + Interview

I started covering Cream Dream when he released his first EP ‘Paradiso’ at the beginning of July. The PB&J team was very impressed with his style and, after congratulating him on a job well done, he jumped at the opportunity to do any exclusive work with us. Needless to say, he struck while the iron was hot. I’ve kept his material in constant rotation in my posts so everyone could familiarize with his sound up to this point. He’s worked day and night assembling 4 new fresh, smooth, classy nu disco tracks in only a matter of 5 weeks. Get used to his name; we certainly have. Download his free EP and check out our interview below. Enjoy!


cream drema

Tell the PB&J fans a little something about you. Who – Where – How have you gotten to what you are now?

I’m an 18 year old producer who goes by the alias ‘Cream Dream’, real name Teddy. I was born and raised in New York and am currently attending college here as well. After about 3 years of DJing house parties and the like, I decided to start producing my own material. 6 months later, I released my debut EP entitled ‘Paradiso’. After so much positive feedback, I went right back to producing material for this new EP! Things have only been getting better and I really look forward to seeing what comes next.

Why ‘Cream Dream’? Is there some sexual innuendo behind that? Past girlfriend give you that nickname? What’s the story?

Hahaha. The name ‘Cream Dream’ originated in my circle of friends a phrase we would often use to describe a wide array of things; pretty much as often as we could. There definitely is some sexual innuendo involved in the name + imagery associated with it! I love the laughs and smiles on peoples faces when they say it. Its just a fun name and I believe thats the key when making music, too many people don’t know how to have fun and take themselves too seriously!

What do you do in your free time away from your Cream Dream alter ego?

When I’m not producing; my days mostly consist of drawing, designing, making milkshakes, adventuring, partying, sleeping on my pug, and wasting time on the internet.

If you could collaborate with any other producer, who would it be & why?

This is a tough one! There are a ton of producers I would love to collaborate with right now. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my good friend Flubba on an EP were almost finished with. I’ve really been loving what Homework has been doing lately, those dudes are super talented and would be awesome to work with. Oh and producing beats with someone like Pete Rock or The Neptunes would be awesome.

Imagine you’re playing a live set at a party. What are the 3 tracks you open with to get the crowd groovin? (Bonus points if you have a closing track in mind)

(1): Gax by Boys Noize: Starts off atmospheric and builds the mood, then drops the perfect groove to get people moving!

(2): Breakfast (Mercury Remix) by Le Le: Hilarious lyrics, amazing remix. Sure to set the party off.

(3): Bossy (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Remix) by Kelis: An amazing remix of a great song by 2 legends, who doesn’t love this song?

Closing Track: Ignition by R. Kelly: Do I even need to say anything? There is no better way to end the night than with this song.

In 25 words or less, what’s your long-term economic bailout plan for small industries in America?

If everyone listened to more disco, then we’d all be happier and have more incentive to work + spend. Isn’t that how it works?

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Cream Dream’s “Total Babe” – PB&J Exclusive EP + Interview