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Jensen Sportag: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview

In the eve of our PB&J™ Summer Compilation releasing for free this Friday, we present you with a brief introductory interview from one pair of artists to be featured, Jensen Sportag, or Austin and Elvis from Nashville. They first caught my ear when their track ‘Pure Wet‘ was featured as the intro track to The Magician’s Magic Tape 8. I’ve been a frequent follower ever since. Check out their unique and original works, the interview and their track to be released for free this Friday on the PB&J Summer Compilation. All below, all for your entertainment. Enjoy.


Who is Jensen Sportag and how did you two start this musical journey?

We are Elvis Craig and Austin Wilkinson and our journey began when Elvis gave me a lift home from high school and played me Stevie Wonder’s “Superwoman”.

Are you full time producers or do you have other jobs/careers as well?

We’re not full time producers. That would be a pretty unhealthy lifestyle with the way we work. Elvis breaks up marathon studio sessions with labor on an agrotourism farm and I do freelance art sales and art installation.

Do you still keep close ties with The Magician after having your single “Pure Wet” featured at the beginning of his Magic Tape 8 last spring?

We’ve never met the guy. We we’re surprised to be on his radar but he IS The Magician.

What inspires your experimental approach to music production?

Our approach has just formed out of necessity. It would be too generous to call it a method. What inspires the process is our tendency to want to change a song as we record it. We get better ideas from accidents or mistakes in the process and we let that redirect us while always trying to leave a little evidence of the best parts of the former ideas. A song doesn’t feel finished until it has a history, a few regrets, loves and losses, some skeletons in the closet.

What has been one of your favorite memories or privileges since forming Jensen Sportag?

The greatest privilege is the admiration and support we receive from our label family over at Cascine. Jeff and Sandra are our best friends.

What are your instruments of choice during production and playing live events?

For our live show we will focus on keys and microphone but in production our greatest resource is the cut tool.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Less disco.

Jensen Sportag Remix Discography

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  1. kadkad

    Jun 12, 2012

    q7: less disco? thats the wrong answer guys

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Jensen Sportag: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview