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PB&J™ Exclusive: Jack The Hustler Interview

PB&J™ is proud to bring you the two Finnish brothers, Mitja & Petja Virikko, who are Jack The Hustler. Under the newly formed Overcooked Records, these two have quickly developed a unique, chilled house sound we hope you enjoy as much as we have! Come inside to read their exclusive interview, as well as download their exclusive mix and preview their upcoming Run Up EP (in that order)



Who is Jack the Hustler? Introduce and tell us something about yourself.

JTH: Jack the Hustler is Mitja and Petja Virikko. We are brothers with both having backround of playing drums in bands for some years. Somewhere 2009 we stepped away from our drum kits and found ourselves working in studio. At first we started to produce all kinds of stuff but somewhere along the line we got into electronic music. When we started we did tracks from all kinds of genres like electro and dubstep, yet not finding the right sound for us. Eventually we got into house music and that’s when Jack the Hustler was born.

What do the PB&J fans need to know and expect from Jack the Hustler?

JTH: We like exotic beers, warm weather and fast cars. None of those really relating to Finland where we are from. That aside, Jack the Hustler is about the feeling you get when the music hits you, crawls up your spine and makes you nod your head, dance or give a big smile on your face.

You have convinced us of your smooth house sound, but coming from the newly formed Overcooked Records, most people have never heard of you. Could you please describe your style of music in your own words?

JTH: We would say our music is house with influences from bass music and all kinds of smooth things. We have similar tastes in music, but we both have also our own preferences. When we are making tracks we both try to bring different styles into the music and use what we find sounding good to us. We take influences from a lot of different things for example Chicago House, Minimal/Tech or even sampled Hip Hop beats.

How often do you play live shows and do you exclusively play in Finland? While on the subject, what are the girls like in Finland and how would you compare them to American girls?

JTH: We are not ruling out any places when it comes to playing live. When it comes to taking it easy Finnish girls are good at partying and also they’re pretty hot even though its cold and dark in here in the winter lol. We cannot really compare American and Finnish girls before we come over and find out more about American girls!

(When playing a live set) what are the 3 songs you want to open with? And what is your favorite song(s) at the moment?

JTH: For opening, three different feels:
Laza Morgan ft. Mavado – One By One (DJ Theory remix)
Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts – Dcup Remix
Swick – Be Stupid (Myd Remix)

There’s no favorite song, but this one we’ve been listening now:
Nat Self – Looped Down

If you could produce with anyone else in the business right now, who would it be and why?

JTH: If we could produce with anyone we’d do a collaboration with L-Vis 1990. His album “Neon Dreams” is filled with smooth synths and the right kind of feeling.

What is coming up for you in the next three months?

JTH: Our “Run Up EP” is coming out 26th December on Overcooked records with remixes by Twist It! and Emynd. We are making new tracks all the time and we try to find our way to the club right next to you!


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PB&J™ Exclusive: Jack The Hustler Interview