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PB&J Radio 010 (Mixed by Lazaro Casanova) + Exclusive Interview

Been a while since we’ve uploaded a PB&J radio mix. But, today we revive this glorious series with one of our favorites: Lazaro Casanova! Hailing from Miami, Mr. Casanova isn’t a newbie to the music scene. He’s been on fire for the last year, releasing a bunch of singles, touring practically everywhere and bringing forth tons of new talent and even better records through his label, petFood. Hit the jump for  our exclusive interview with Lazaro, but be sure to listen to this amazing, deep house mix he was able to lace us with above! Check out the soundcloud link for the full tracklist!


1. First off, we’re diggin’ the name, is that your real name?

Thanks…It has slowly become my name. Lazaro is indeed my birth name. The Casanova last name runs in my family and was handed down to me by a friend. It makes for a good stage name and most of my bills come under that name so I’ve grown to accept it as an everyday thing now.

2. How did you get into music? What are some of your early influences?

House music has a funny way of sneaking up and you don’t know when or where it hits you precisely but when it does it’s pretty fucking awesome. I like to credit the Murk boys for getting a lot of us here in Miami into the genre. I mean, when I was 16 and first hearing about Club Space Miami the household name was the resident DJ, Oscar G. And a big crossover hit that was always played on the radio then was Oscar G. & Ralph Falcon – Dark Beat. I’ve done things backwards and started backtracking through House music and even today still hearing for the first time music that might’ve been released in 1987 on Dj International. I wish I could’ve been there for Paradise Garage and Sound Factory. I’ve grown an obsession with that moment in music and if time travel was ever possible in my lifetime it’s where I am going.

3. Did you begin producing as soon as you started djing? Do you prefer one over the other?

I started Djing first and was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of a time where you could just Dj and not be expected to produce as well. I was very lucky and did have some support that helped me along the way. My first tour out of high school was with Mstrkrft and Juan MacLean across Canada. And at the same time I held a great residency in Miami with a party called Revolver. But as I said I caught the very tail end and quickly dove into producing. Luckily I had some friends to bother with many questions.

I like both djing and producing for their own reasons. There’s something great about being able to lock yourself in a room and just create everything that comes to mind. But at the same time there’s also something great about locking yourself in a room with a crowd and creating a vibe.

4.Your really pride yourself in being from and living in Miami! Is there a distinct Miami sound? how would you describe the party scene in Miami compared to other big party cities(like new york, LA, etc.)?

I think any of us that are born and raised in the 305 wants to show the world what home is really like. South Beach ain’t Miami and Ultra ain’t Miami either. Not knocking either of them but if you want the real experience head on over to Little Havana and get yourself some Cuban food. Musically, we always had a distinct Miami sound. We had freestyle music, we had Miami Bass, we had 2 Live Crew.

It’s tough to compare party scenes just because they’re all very unique. But Miami can give you a bit of everything, we got the Vegas vibe, we got after-hours vibe, and we got some great small rooms for Dj’s. My frequent spots are Bardot & Electric Pickle. Also, did I mention our normal last call time is 5 am?

5.How would describe your own sound in one sentence?

My music is what Crockett & Tubbs listen to in the Ferrari Daytona.

6.What is your setup like when djing?

Serato running with two CDJ’s with a small midi controller for some easy looping and cueing. And a Pioneer Nexus mixer. I’m not fucking with Allen & Heath I don’t care who uses it. That shit sucks.

7.Tell us a little bit about your label petFood? How did it start?

My buddy Jay and I were eating at our favorite Cuban restaurant ‘La Carreta‘ back in 2008. Over a big plate of bistec empanizado y arroz blanco con frijoles negro. We came up with the next big hustle there. Our previous business ventures were coming down with a lot of heat from the police so we had to shift operations away from the port of Miami. We’ve legitimized our operations and now we are in the business of smuggling music.

8.Who are some of new artist releasing music through petFood?

We got a great fam going on with petFood. Dudes like No Artificial Colours, Urulu, Poupon, Waze & Odyssey have all grown along with us and have gone to do some amazing things.

Some new talent coming out of our camp consists of Peter Corvaia who released his first full length with us. Our last release was by Daniel Cantisani who brought some funk. Our next release is from a new duo called Eagle Mountain.

9.Who are some of favorite artist at the moment besides petfood family?

I think the most honest way I can answer that is by telling you which CD’s I’ve been alternating in my car recently.

1. Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid M.A.A.D City
2. John Talabot – Fin
3. Aphex Twins – Selected Ambient Works 85-92
4. Mr. Fingers – Amnesia

10.If you could play one festival right now you haven’t played yet, which one would it be and why?

It’s still so crazy to me that our culture has crossed over into festivals. I’m not too familiar with the festival circuit but I’d like to play Coachella. They always seem very well rounded in the acts they bring and not too focused on just one thing.

11.Anything huge coming up in the next year?

Business as usual. My music is 24/7 for me. I have a couple of things I’m finishing up. Some of it goes to petFood and some of it will be shopped around. Also, some collaborations I’ve had cooking up with Oscar G.

Next release is a remix I did for Intruder – U Got Me, which was the first release of Murk records back in 1992. We are re-releasing the back catalogue along with some new Murk music too so it was a real treat for me to get onboard. It will be out March 12!

Purchase:Intruder – U Got Me (Lazaro Casanova Interpretative Remix)

A special thanks to Lazaro Casanova and petFood Records!

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PB&J Radio 010 (Mixed by Lazaro Casanova) + Exclusive Interview