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Shook: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview

Pleased and excited to bring you an interview with one of my favorite producers today, Shook. A huge talent who, along with the likes of Breakbot, has forged his unique sound to become a guaranteed original producer with every track. His remixes have gained major respect and range from Ellie Goulding to Louis La Roche and his originals are smoother than a hairless chihuahua. If you have never heard from Shook before, I invite you inside for our interview and to take a listen to his big news of the day, which is the release of his latest original track, “Love For You.” Cheers


Tell us a little bit about your creative past. Where do you come from and what attracted you so much to producing electronic music in your first years of production?

I made totally different music first. I experimented with loads of styles, but eventually I stuck with Shook because it was more personal and real to me.

What was the first musical instrument you owned? Was that the first time you realized you wanted to be a producer/remixer/DJ?

Probably a roland e-16 home keyboard. It wasn’t my childhood dream or anything like that to become a producer. i wanted to be a animator, or comic book illustrator. But I seemed to have more of a talent for music, and started playing at a young age. Eventually this is where I ended up. i think it was just a natural progression.

What has been your favorite original or remix to work on? Did you anticipate your Ellie Goulding remix having such incredible reception?

I didn’t expect the Ellie Goulding would be so popular no! I think I don’t have a favourite one. I am really happy with my Phoenix remix, or Ellie Goulding though. Remixing is always a challange, and it really depends on the original track what my approach will be. I think I try to keep most of the original vocal and build new music around it. For me it’s much more challinging this way, because I don’t want to totally wreck the original track. But sometimes I do, and it’s fun too.

Pick any artists you most enjoy following, seeing live and would want to collaborate with.

I am a great admirer of Breakbot. I think he opened a lot of doors, and is one of the first to really bring back the spirit of the music from the late 70′s and early 80′s funk, pop and disco. But besides the familiar names in the industry, there is a lot of undiscovered talent. To me, its not about how famous you are, but what your music sounds like.

What are a few of your favorite tracks at the moment? Are there any artists on your radar we should look out for in the next few months?

I am looking forward to the new album from French duo, Jupiter. I think they are really great, and I had the pleasure to perform on the same night as them in Casino Nouveau in Paris.

What’s the craziest, strangest or most interesting thing you have seen while playing a live set?

People collapsing in front of me, drinks falling off the bar because everybody was jumping really hardcore, synchronized dancemoves; there are so many things to think of. The most awesome moments however, are when you look into the crowd, and you see that everybody knows your music by heart. I really appreciate that.

Studies show that many Shook fans have increased sexual experiences while listening to your music. One of our readers asks if you produce your music with that purpose or if you genuinely enjoy a more intimate sound.

Haha. Well, It comes naturally, I don’t really think when I make music. But hey, as long as people are having fun because of my music, be it listening in the car, partying in the club or doing ‘something else’, it’s alright with me.

Unless you are completely consumed by music and work, what are a few things you enjoy on your free time?

I am always consumed by music. If I’m not working, I listen to music, have a jamsession with my friends, or visit a gig. It’s really difficult sometimes, because I’m always on the look out for alien enemies trying to kill me. When I make music there is a force field surrounding me, so I kinda have to if I want to grow old.

When you started production under the name Shook, did you expect this many people to absolutely love your music and distinct sound?

No, but it’s a blessing. I just do what I do, and create something I really like myself. I think you always have to be true to what you really feel. It’s awesome that the people seem to pick up on that.

What’s next for Shook? Do you have any big announcements or plans of coming to America – perhaps Orlando, FL anytime soon?

I’m currently working on the next releases, and eventually I want to bring out an album. In between I play at some great gigs in Europe. Atm I don’t have any confirmed dates yet for the States, but we are currently in the works of making something happen over the pond!

 If we send you a PB&J tank top, would you wear it?

How about a t-shirt? Tank top is not my style

Shook Live @ La French in Paris (May 3, 2012)

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    Simply a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding layout. “Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you.” by Harold Bloom.


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Shook: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview