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Best of the Musical Vine (Week 3)

Posted in Features by on Jul 1, 2013

Alright yes, people STILL do use Vine. Despite Instagram launching their ever-popular ‘video’ component to their photo editing app, Vine is still relevant in the DJ / producer community. We’re back with Week 3 of our tribute to some of the best videos we found on the social networking site. This week check out Popeska’s meeting with his cat, Dillon Francis‘ love for...

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Best of Vine (Week 1)

Posted in Features by on Jun 9, 2013

The budding social networking site, Vine, has taken a life of it’s own recently and an influx of DJ / producer users are beginning to surface. The quick 6 second clips can be looped, cut, and put together in an extremely tedious fashion or a more non-chalant first person view of a situation. Here’s a brief description of the app thanks to Wiki, if you’re not...

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Solidisco chats with us about disco music, the importance of vinyl, and their relationship with A-Trak & Fool’s Gold

Posted in Interviews by on Apr 29, 2013

It’s always awesome seeing new talent right before they take off into the house music stratosphere of fame via wild productions and live DJ performances. The bro’s Matt and Don that compose the budding disco group Solidisco have picked up a serious amount of momentum last year moving into this one! With releases such as “Give My Love” and “I Need It” , and...

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Free Download: Solidisco – Never Let You Go [Fool's Gold]

Posted in Tracks by on Mar 27, 2013

There is nothing that can top the disco era of the 70′s. Lately a lot of artists have tried (and failed) to brand themselves as ‘nu-disco’ acts as they attempt to revive the genre. Well, the gents from Solidisco truly understand that classic sound and have embodied it in their latest release, Never Let Yo Go. As one of the grooviest tunes I’ve heard in years, I can...

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A-Trak – Tuna Melt EP (Remixes) [Fool's Gold]

Posted in Tracks by on Mar 19, 2013

A-Trak must never sleep. It seems like he’s playing some epic show, releasing a new tune, or just being his regular quintessential hipster self. Regardless, he’s back at it again this time with a slew of remixes to his previous Tuna Melt EP. While the originals were all rad, this collection of remixes elevates the 4 track EP to a whole different level. Reimagining the EP from back in...

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Cardo – Cardo’s Groove

Posted in Uncategorized by on Jan 10, 2012

This is a pretty major post for me and anyone that has every heard me chant “Cardo on the beat, bitch” As he prepares the release of his debut album, TGOD producer, @CardoGotWings lets off his first  single, ‘Cardo’s Groove’, which is inspired by his favorite producer DJ Quik’s ‘Quik’s Groove’. If you’re not familiar with Cardo, then check your Wiz Khalifa...

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Afrojack & Bobby Burns – Jacked Radio 009 (Sirius XM Live Set 9-25-2011)

Posted in Uncategorized by on Sep 25, 2011

It seems like Sirius gave every DJ we know and love a radio show this year (A-Trak, Diplo, Afrojack etc)! If you’re familiar, every Saturday night, Afrojack and his boy Bobby Burns drop the illest in Dutch house, electro, progressive, and their own personal favorites. Every week, the show has gotten better, but when our favorite Dutchman promised to put on a set composed of ALL NEW...

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A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio 001

Posted in Uncategorized by on Jul 20, 2011

Somewhere, about ten rows back on the left side of the crowd, you’ll find me and a certain special someone getting our groove on to A-Trak & Armand Van Helden a.k.a. Duck Sauce, at Coachella this past April. With that said, being completely irrelevant, A-Trak has started his own radio show on Sirius XM’s Electric Area called Fool’s Gold Radio. We’ve got the first mix and...

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