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Hujje Music Volume 6

Posted in Uncategorized by on Dec 9, 2011

Throughout this past year, the Denver-duo Hujje has had their sights set on the top. Now, two months since Calvin Harris dropped their remix of ‘Awooga’ it seems well within grasp; new BANGING tracks and remixes being pumped out at an astounding rate, combined with bumping sets, are pushing Josh and Josh to the forefront . Today I’ve got an incredible mix that these two...

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Calvin Harris – Awooga (Hujje Remix)

Posted in Uncategorized by on Oct 3, 2011

Comprised of McAdoo, and Jashko, Hujje is a dynamic duo for progressive house.   These two have been producing and remixing, together, for only 6 months! But in that short time they have compiled a great portfolio and are ready to pop into the main scene.   The track I have for you all, today, is a remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘Awooga’.     This is an all around fantastic remix,...

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Friday Six Pack #19 (Leprechaun Edition)

Posted in Uncategorized by on Mar 18, 2011

She could be a lot cuter but since my standards are still on shitfaced level she’ll just have to do. Happy St. Paddy’s weekend everyone, I hope you don’t think you were getting out of it that easy. One day aint shit, you need to be drinking Jameson and Guinness for the next 72 hours, no excuses, play like a Sheen. The pot of gold I have for you fucks this week is one of the most...

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