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Isaac Tichauer – Changes

Posted in Tracks by on Mar 26, 2014

One of the many important pieces of “French Express“, Isaac Tichauer, drops his first single of 2014.  A man that knows how to pair a moving, soothing, and peaceful vocal, with groovy basslines and floating synths is a rarity now a days. With a title like “Changes“, many people will find resonance with the powerful lyrics, but also find themselves head nodding to the...

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ISAAC TICHAUER – July 2013 Mix

Posted in Playlists by on Jul 8, 2013

Isaac Tichauer remains as one of the few producers I genuinely retain a level of excitement to see with a new monthly mix. That’s not to say any other DJs with a monthly mix series have gone stale, but his style and taste of selection simply breathes originality and virtually all music I would never find on my own. The common thread I’ve noticed through his mix series over the past...

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Moon Boots – Backyard Boogie 2013 Mix

Posted in Playlists by on Jun 10, 2013

Here’s a set we may have overlooked this last weekend – Moon Boots laid out his first mix in quite some time. If you’ve ever caught Pete in action, you know this mix is fit for a feel good ole time. Disco edits all around and a tempting taste of what I should be feeling momentarily after stepping out of the office. Tracklist: 0. Guy / Teddy’s Jam 1. Patrice Rushen + Cosmic...

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[Free Download]: Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me (Ejeca FREEmix)

Posted in Tracks by on May 13, 2013

Back before French Express had their own BBC Essential Mix spotlight and half the hype surrounding them, Chris Malinchak churned out a soft disco hit last October that would make him famous – “So Good To Me”. Since then Pete Tong went batshit insane for Malinchak and before you knew it, he’s playing major festivals this summer. Right now, “So Good To Me” is #2...

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Isaac Tichauer x French Express – Free “Take Over You” EP

Posted in Tracks by on May 8, 2013

Generosity and originality – the two founding pillars of French Express. There’s something to be said about an internationally acclaimed label, showcased at festivals, with nothing more than entirely free releases under their belt. But let’s pull back and highlight Isaac Tichauer. His “Devotion” album last summer marked a new standard and direction for the label,...

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Isaac Tichauer – April 2013 Mix

Posted in Playlists by on Apr 24, 2013

Big news today outta…Prague? Yes, if you stalk Isaac Tichauer on instagram, you’d find he’s touring right now with Moon Boots across the Eastern European countryside. On a distinctively less creepier note, we all awoke this morning to a wonderful surprise: the Sydney-native’s April 2013 mix. Inside the set, Isaac claims there are a few tracks from his upcoming 5-track EP...

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Isaac Tichauer – March 2013 Mix

Posted in Playlists by on Mar 11, 2013

We’ve come to recognize and associate Isaac Tichauer’s work with something of a more intimate sound, all with the same rhythm and pace you’d expect in a dance hall. You’ve heard it before in his Devotion album earlier last summer. He hasn’t released any works since I Forgive You , but the first track on this mix reminds me of his style – gliding basslines with...

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First Listen: Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down

Posted in Tracks by on Mar 5, 2013

Featured numerous times in the past few months, from his essential mix to his live sets, it’s time to unleash this beast of a track. Fair to say Rathsman knows his way around an LFO or two, he’s championed a massive sub bass sound with his last few releases – Bringing You Down as the most contemporary example. French Express yet again treating their following with a...

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