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Husky releases his long awaited ‘Time Travels’ EP

Posted in Tracks by on Jun 14, 2013

Alright guys, not too long ago I introduced the Detroit native, Husky. His resilient production style and strong ties to classic tunes & vinyl allow him to be one of the shining jewels in this “EDM” state of mind that’s currently happening in society. We’ve heard a few major releases from the project, but finally Husky has hosted the tape, ‘Time Travel‘ on...

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[Artist Profile] Meet Husky: the 19 year old Detroit producer preserving the quality of vinyl

Posted in Interviews by on Jun 6, 2013

A great majority of my post-work evenings are spent combing through Soundcloud for new, organic music. And like most things in life –it tends to be hit or miss. But, just about a month ago, I stumbled onto an incredible tune from a completely unknown producer. I did some research and discovered Alex Nutting, aka Husky — the 19 year old Detroit native dedicating his career to bring...

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