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Posted in Playlists by on Nov 27, 2012

We’re very excited to present an exclusive Guest Post courtesy of our new friend Danny over at TRNSCNDNT, a tasteful, review-less music blog and one of the only sites I’ll got to for fresh new tunes. As a 20 year-old college student out of Wisconsin (of all places), it seems that both PB&J™ and TRNSCNDNT have had similar upbringings stemming out of college – one...

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Oxford Group Presents: Bass Camp

Posted in Events by on Nov 6, 2012

Our friends at The Oxford Group are making their West Coast debut in just over two weeks with the launch of a unique event series more passionately referred to as Bass Camp. On Friday, November 23rd San Francisco’s nightlife scene will be revitalized with an unparalleled showcase of Electro & Bass-heavy DJ’s from across the globe. Making the trek to 1015 Folsom Street is none...

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