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[Album Review] Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Columbia Records)

It’s official, even the most mysterious of artists can slip up here and there….or did they?!  This is one of the happiest moments I have had since finding out this album was real!  The most anticipated release of the last decade has come to fruition a week early, and we are right there to let you know! The iTunes stream that was made available today did not have any encryption on the files, so it begs the question: “Is this yet another marketing scheme from the Frenchmen?” Find the low quality leak elsewhere, and let us know what you think!

I have not had a chance to get all the way through the tracks yet, but after quick sampling, all I can say is WOW! Check back later on for my full review of this masterpiece.

Random Access Memories Review

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There is a very common theme throughout the tracks, something that is not generally seen in EDM albums. This is very positive as it allows you to roll the whole thing into a single event. While they are similar, the variation of the tracks is evident and there is a focus on a separate characteristic of each song. So to start this overview, let’s get my negative impressions on the production out of the way first, now that I’ve listened to the whole thing 5 times back-to-back-to-back-etc, there is one thing that gave me a slight tic every time I heard it. Id est, I felt as though the synthesized vocals were a bit over used, while they can be seen as a defining trait of R.A.M. Thomas and Guy could have eased off of them slightly. Yeah, and that’s all I have to say in a negative light!

The production from start to finish is phenomenal, as I said earlier in the day to a friend of mine, ‘Random Access Memories is a journey through sound and technical excellence!” The duo demonstrates an uncanny ear for detail and every single layer of audio is cleanly meshed with the higher or lower aspects. As was pointed out in the first episode of the Collaborators series by Giorgio, Daft Punk agonizes over the smallest snippets of chord progression; this perfectionism is exorbitantly apparent in R.A.M.

We would love to hear your personal opinions on this piece as well, so grab the album next week from iTunes, and let us know!

Personal favorite tracks:

“Giorgio by Morodor” has a slight STS9 or Lotus feel to it, with the almost jam-band texture.
“Within” is an absolute ballad
“Lose Yourself To Dance” is 70s Disco reincarnate through both the lyrical melody and progression of the harmony
“Get Lucky” is slightly different from the release a few weeks ago, and it’s still fantastic
“Motherboard” has a subtle snare line that drags me into a serious trance as the bubbles flow from the melodic string section. This has quite the Hans Zimmer aesthetic to it with the Movie Theme feel.
“Doin it Right” the sub-bass thump vibrates my eyes, that’s enough to make it onto any top tracks list!

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[Album Review] Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Columbia Records)