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Daughter – Youth (Dotcom Remix)

One of my favorite styles of music is best described as melodic dubstep.  These are the tunes that lift you up through proficient progression of instrument introduction, many times with soothing vocals that build up to a tipping point.  In a large majority of the tracks that fall under this umbrella, there is an orchestral breakdown before the “drop”.  My favorite producers that compose for this genre are Blackmill, Mt. Eden, Ianborg, and, today, I’m excited to add another rising star to that list.  Dotcom is an engaged producer with talents to challenge the best in the industry.  As can be seen through his SoundCloud, Chris clearly makes music for the love of the art.  With tracks crossing back and forth between genres and myriad of styles intertwined, I’m interested to see and hear his live performances.

Today’s highlight is a remix of one of the most soothing tracks I have heard in a long time.  The adjustments that Dotcom has made to make this remix unique while holding onto the original feel of Youth are executed at a very high level.  Aside from the overhaul of the drum line, the minor additions like the plucking at the intro are what makes this a very respectable remix. Available for free download in the right sidebar! Check it and show the love!

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Daughter – Youth (Dotcom Remix)