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Dubstep Cures Cancer

Cancer…it’s a word that can stir up emotions like no other in the English language. Six regular old letters that when put together can strike fear in the strongest of men or women, despair in the happiest of boys or girls, and hopelessness in the most hopeful of people. It’s an ailment that has effected billions and become all too prevalent in our society, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to come across a family that hasn’t been effected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it be through a friend, family member or simply an acquaintance, we’ve all had some experience with the devastating nature of the disease. Thankfully there’s been some banding together over the past few years in the hopes of fighting back against cancer. In all corners of the world, we have people and organizations working as one in efforts to learn more about cancer, to minimize its impact and to one day find a cure. One of those people is Cory Schneider, founder of the non-profit organization Dubstep Cures Cancer. Seriously check these dudes out…

Just like so many others, Cory is no stranger to cancer. Not only has he lost family to the disease, but he has heard countless stories of others who have been effected by it as well. Inspired by passion and driven by a cause, Cory started Dubstep Cures Cancer as a YouTube channel in March of 2011 as a way to build awareness and support the fight against all forms of cancer. As the views and subscriptions started to pile up, Cory quickly realized that he was on to something with DCC and looked to expand its capabilities. He saw that, what started as an idea with a catchy name, could become something much more meaningful. That’s when Cory began designing the Dubstep Cures Cancer line of merchandise with the plan of donating a percentage of each sale to cancer research. The brand continued to evolve into a Facebook page, Twitter account, and online store and has now raised over $7,000 for cancer research in just over a year since the YouTube channel went live. From tanks, shirts, and hoodies to wrist bands, short shorts, and panties, DCC merch has been flying off the electronic shelves, all for a good cause. DCC also got the support of Abducted Records and recently put out a “Dubstep Cures Cancer Vol. 1″ compilation CD, with all of those proceeds going to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Although the music has always been second to the cause, music is the bond that brings DCC followers and supporters together to fight against a common enemy and played a huge role in making it what it is today. Major players in the dubstep game have taken notice and DCC has gotten tweets or Facebook posts from the likes of Caspa, Knife party, Bassnectar, Infected Mushroom, xKore, Flux Pavilion, and many others in support of the cause. In a 24 hour period, Modestep, Skream and Flux Pavilion all posted about DCC and there were over 10,000 new followers in the next 24 hours. Rusko, 16bit, Doctor P, and Modestep have even gotten in to the charitable action by purchasing DCC merchandise and wearing it during shows.

It has barely been a year, but DCC is gaining some serious momentum. We at PB&J support DCC and encourage you to do the same…just imagine the impact that you jammer’s could have on all of our future’s.

Help support the fight against all forms of cancer:

‘Like’ the Dubstep Cures Cancer Facebook page,

follow DCC on Twitter,

subscribe to the DCC YouTube channel,

and get all your DCC gear at

- PB&J for a cause -

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Dubstep Cures Cancer