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Favorite Live Shows (Fall 2010)

What’s up everyone – Happy New Year. I had some time today to do a little recap of the live shows I saw in the Fall of 2010. Going to school in florida definitely has its perks… Here’s a list of my favorite shows from this fall and my favorite tracks from these artists.

NERVO @ Firestone in Orlando, FL

These two chicas are not only hot models, but also sisters… fucking twins. I went to see Paul Oakenfold for the Facelift Tour and thank god I met these girls. They opened for Oakenfold but it should have been the other way around. Better set, crazy energy, and they brought the house. Best part, while I was grinding all over sluts, a fucking professor from my college was raging next me. Pure ecstasy (literally) when they dropped ‘Teenage Crime’ … hands down my #1 favorite song from this entire year. (PB&J Post on NERVO)

Download: Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode) – Adrian lux

Sander Van Doorn @ Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, FL

Rated 12th in DJ Mag’s Top 100. First off, my thoughts were “why the fuck is he coming to Roxy, let alone Orlando”…well he did and it was fucking insane. Sat VIP a few feet away while he killed it for two hours.

Download: Reach Out x You Got the Love x Leave The World Behind

Bassnectar @ House of Blues in Orlando, FL

From what I remember (which is nothing)… it was an epic show. My friends said I looked fantastic. I had a great time flipping around Downtown Disney and sitting outside with police for half the show. He probably played these tracks here: (PB&J Posts on Bassnectar)

Robbie Rivera @ Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, FL

Robbie Rivera was stellar, he’s a legend in the EDM community. He brought out all of his grindy, club bangers. If you know Roxy, you know it gets dirty.. I ended up getting kicked out towards the end for having a little too much fun.

Download: Let Me Sip My Drink (Chuckie Remix) – Robbie Rivera feat. Fast Eddie

Download: Rock The Disco (David Guetta Laptop Remix) – Robbie Rivera

Axwell @ Liv in Miami, FL

While everyone went home for Thanksgiving, I stayed in Florida. Mostly because it was cold as fuck in Maryland, but seriously, how could I pass up Axwell in Miami? Axwell is my favorite DJ from the infamous Swedish House Mafia. He dropped ‘Music Matters’ and it brought back all the good memories I have from listening to this song when I was 17.

Download: Music Matters (Axwell Remix) – Faithless feat. Cass Fox

Download: Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix)

Download: Nothing But Love (Remode) – Axwell

- M.L. –

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Favorite Live Shows (Fall 2010)