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FOGO Vol. 1 – Remix86 [Compilation]

A huge release today from our friends at Remix86. Their free ‘FOGO’ compilation ['fogo' is 'fire' in Portuguese] brings together 22 artists, some whom you may have found on our PB&J™ Funk Compilation early in December – and plenty of other artists in the nu disco, funk and deep house world we have supported here on PB&J™. A congratulations is in order to the duo operating in the snowy, white north and an appreciation for the artists and their work. You can preview each track below and follow the link below the soundcloud to download parts 1 & 2 of the FOGO Vol. 1 Compilation fo free.

Download: FOGO Vol. 1 – [Compilation]


PB&J <3′s Remix86

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FOGO Vol. 1 – Remix86 [Compilation]