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Groove Update: Jamnights & Jet I Nite

Got a loooot of underrated talent in this one, PB&J nation, as well as way too many exciting features from Dr. Fünke to come – but we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them. For now, I have some tracks that have been compiling for the past couple weeks.

Features: Jamnights, Chilean native and non-coincidently a friend of PB&J favorite FnK FancY, has proven his skill with two innovative free tracks below, courtesy of his soundcloud – expect to hear more from him later on. Next, Jet I Nite, if you hadn’t checked out his single “Wapwappa” on our facebook page, has quickly become one of my favorite mixmasters in the soundcloud world. All his material slows it down and helps you relax. More to come from him, that’s a promise. Stick around for some news in the Bonus:::

Download: Groove Update.Zipped up

Download: Meroz – Summertime Shandy

Download: Sam Padrul – All I Do

Download: SEBastian – Cardigan

Download: Dawood Helmandi – Shine Bright (Jamnights remix)

Download: Highjack & Brabe – Boogie Nights (Jamnights remix)

Download: Jet I Nite – Monophonique


:::Bonus News:::

Quite proud to announce an upcoming interview with trending Australian funk house DJ Anna Lunoe (pictured above) within the next two weeks. Familiarize yourself with her material in listening/downloading her free Parklife Megamix below. Don’t let her looks fool you, she has some serious mixing talent – if you don’t believe me, youtube any of her live sets and you’ll see what I mean.


PB&J. Delicioso.

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Groove Update: Jamnights & Jet I Nite