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Jack Beats ft. Donae’o – You Should Know (Qulinez Remix) [Sony]

The Swedes are relentless when it comes to making great electronic dance music. With the massive success of their debut single ‘Troll’ gaining the respect and admiration of pretty much every major DJ in the game, Alexander and Johannes (Qulinez) have fully committed themselves back to the studio to churn out some hits. Recently, their remix of ‘A Heavy Abacus’ has begun picking up speed and notoriety – but when I heard their new remix for Jack Beats this morning, my jaw dropped. With Donae’o’s catchy vocals forming the buildup, Qulinez lays down an EPIC drop with  classic grinding synths and an enamoring bassline. This track will be a major party anthem and we have these two newcomers to thank! Check it out below and pick up the official release from Beatport HERE!

Purchase: You Should Know (Qulinez Remix) [Sony] [Beatport]


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Jack Beats ft. Donae’o – You Should Know (Qulinez Remix) [Sony]