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Mr. Oizo – Stade 3 EP [Review]

Easily one of the most influential and respected french house producers of our generation, Mr. Oizo released his “Stade 3″ 7-track EP for free over his website the other day. Check out the title track below and a quick review of his work after the jump.

Download: Mr. Oizo – Stade 3 EP

Mr. Oizo – Stade 3 EP Teaser:

If you have no prior experience with Mr. Oizo, I know what you’re thinking: “This is weird for the sake of being weird.” True, that is the definition of avant-garde expressionism, but you need to take a listen to Oizo’s discography to understand he’s been doing this for a while. With that said, I was impressed with the quality, flow and overall catchiness of his title track, ‘WC,’ and ‘Textes’, but the rest of his EP was filled with typical Oizo hit or miss nonsense tracks. You can still get down, I mean freaky down, to the rest of his EP – but I warn you, if you don’t know his style yet, it can be a little unsettling. We can’t discount his work at first listen; rather take it with a grain of salt and come up with your own interpretation. My interpretation is a sarcastic undertone to how a catchy beat can be made using some of the least ideal notes on a keyboard.

Bottom line: I respect the balls this man has to produce a distinct sound completely different from everyone else. A bizarre sound, yes, but he put it together for a reason. And for those who think he’s some wackjob pining away in his basement in some corner of Russia, he plays one hell of a live set…and it gets weird…

Mr. Oizo @ Beatpatrol [July 22, 2011]



PB&J <3′s Mr. Oizo

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Mr. Oizo – Stade 3 EP [Review]