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PB&J Radio 004 (Mixed by Apster) + Exclusive Interview

For several years now Dutch house has been one of the most popular sub-genre’s in EDM. With DJ’s and producers such as Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Chuckie, Bart B More and others pioneering this new sound, Dutch has become a mainstay in party playlists, night club ventures and festivals across the world. Thankfully, we recently got the chance to chat a bit with rising talent Apster, during some down time off  his hectic studio schedule.

Apster talks to us about his upcoming releases, being signed to Afrojack’s imprint Wall Recordings, his latest track with vocalist Eva Simons, and the story behind his production of Pitbull’s track ‘Pause’. Oh and if this couldn’t get any better, below Apster has mixed our latest edition of PB&J Radio! From start to finish, this hour-long mix is filled with exclusive tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, Afrojack, Axwell, and a new release from Apster himself. So pick up the 4th installment of PB&J™ Radio below, hit the jump for our exclusive interview and tweet at us with your feedback @pnutandjams!


Download: PB&J Radio 004 (Mixed by Apster)


Where does the name Apster come from?
Apster: My friends used to give me that nickname since high school! So it was an easy choice for me to pick that name!

For our readers that aren’t familiar, how would you describe your specific sound?
Apster: My sound is filthy electro with heavy bassdropss, funky chords and bleepy sounds!

How did things start to pick up for you after the release of your remix of Bassjackers’ ‘Enowapi’?
Apster: Actually very good! That remix was picked up very well by a whole lot of DJ’s! Including Laidback Luke, who asked us to do a remix for his record ‘Need your loving’  in that ‘Enowapi’ style. After that things got only better for me.. :)

What sparked your friendship with Afrojack at your string of releases on his imprint Wall Recording?
Apster: I was okay with Afrojack before he got huge, we used to have the same agency called: Rockstarz! But after that I just started to send my records to Nick, and he was diggin them, than he asked me with who I was signed at that moment. I wasn’t signed at the moment. So I made the choice to sign with Afrojack and Wall recordings.

Your two track EP with Bassjackers, Contour/Brougham, was pretty epic. Can we expect any future collaborations with them again?
Apster: Yes you can! We’re friends and my studio and the Bassjackers studio are like 30 cm away from each other! We have a building together and have build two studio cabins in there. So we see each other every day!  Which means; Yes we will be making something new in the future..!

What’s your release schedule looking like for this year? Any major collaborations, remixes or originals?
Apster: I am working on a lot of solo projects! Finished up 3 new solo tracks! And I also did collabs with Afrojack, Eva Simons, Bobby Burns, MC Bizzey, Mitch Crown and The Firebeatz!


Apster & Eva Simons – I Need More


Are you going to be on the Dutch team next year for the DJ Football Games during Miami Music Week?
Apster: I really hope so! I would love to team up. I played football for like 20 years so I’ m down for some ass woopin haha!

Not a lot of people know that you produced Pitbulls’ song ‘Pause’, but how did that come about?
Apster: Well.. it was a track of mine called Bubblegutz, which was my first release at Wall Recordings. A year later Pitbull was working on his album and he heard my track via Afrojack. He was like “I need that track badly for my new album!” The rest is history haha.

What’s the one venue that you would love to play that this year?
Apster: Too many clubs to name, but I think Pacha, Ibiza would be one of them!

It seems like the entire world is falling in love with Dutch house music, what do you think caused all of this?
Apster: I actually don’ t know! I’ve been making it for six years now. All of a sudden it blew over worldwide. I think Afrojack opened doors for a lot of DJ’s.  he was the first one in my opinion who brought that sound worldwide and made hits with that sound!

Where did the inspiration for your new collaboration with Eva Simons on “I Need More” come from?
Apster: I wanted to experiment and do a crossover of pop, bleep, proggresive and bass, and voila!

What can our readers expect from Apster this year?
Apster: You can expect a lot of Apster music and huge collabs and hopefully mooooore gigs worldwide!


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PB&J Radio 004 (Mixed by Apster) + Exclusive Interview