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PB&J Radio 006 (Mixed by Live City) + Exclusive Interview

Another Monday, another quality installment of our ever-growing interview + guest mix series: PB&J Radio. This week, our good friends Live City have put together an hour long mix of some of their originals, exclusive previews to new material and some solid electro hits. After their recent Calvin Harris remix began to pick up speed, we were lucky enough to talk to the pair briefly about how they got started, some of their musical influences, and how they like to stay two steps ahead of their contemporary rivals. All in all, Live City are two chill dudes with elite production skills and a high potential to blow up. Download the mix below and hit the jump for the interview!

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Download: PB&J Radio 006 (Mixed by Live City)


So do us a favor and introduce yourselves, guys. How did Live City start up and where’d you guys get the name from?


Thanks for having us PB&J! Our actual names are Jake & Ethan, and we use Live City as an outlet for our music. We’ve known each other since we were little kids, and when we started producing we would bounce ideas off one another and give tips when we would learn a new skill or “trick”. After a while, it only made sense to bring our ideas together.

Who would you say your biggest DJ/producer influences would be?


We definitely have a variety of producers that influence our sound and goals. There is our biggest one, Tiesto. The sheer quality of his productions are unrivaled right now, and he has the ability to differentiate his sound with every track. Quite amazing. Nicky Romero is another one. His sound design has really taken off in the last few months. Lastly, there are the young producers that really influence our work ethic. We learned a great deal from the Laidback Luke Forum, a place where lots of other artists have started. Dyro is one of them, and right now his productions are not only technically amazing, but also has that unique touch to get people talking.

Your sound can be described as electro, but there are so many more unique elements in your tracks, how would you describe your versatile production skills?


We really live in the moment. Each week brings different influences, and we both have generally different tastes, so you may seem some out of the box-type stuff in the near future from us : )

Your Liver Than Ever EP and Welcome to the Madhouse seemed to really catch the attention of the fans and propel you guys to the next level. How’d it feel to experience that positive feedback?


It is definitely rewarding knowing listeners from around the world appreciate our music, but it’s just a start. It has given us great feedback on what sound is working these days, and we’d like to stay two steps ahead.

Where did your influence for Connection Lost come from? It’s one of our favorite LC tracks that has a more progressive, big room vibe than your other tunes.



Live City – Connection Lost (Original Mix)


Two Part Question here: What kind of production software/equipment do you guys use, and what’s one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring producers.


We are completely in-the-box. We use Ableton as our sequencer, and a boatload of plug-ins to play with. If we had to choose two we couldn’t live without: Sylenth1 for synth sounds, and the PSP Vintage Warmer for getting that warm pro sound. The best advice we can give is to work harder each day. Learning sound design and mixing properly is a lengthy and sometimes grueling process, but the only way to get better is to put in the hours. You may have a bad 6-hour session, but then in the last 10 minutes, everything clicks. It’s the extra perseverance that makes a difference.

What kind of sneak preview can you give us of your release schedule for this year? Any awesome collaborations coming up?


We have tons of songs in the works but no release schedule. We try to keep it and consistent and fresh so we’ll be pumping out songs regularly.

Just for fun: If we sent you some PB&J gear, would you rock it?

Of course! Tanks are preferred.


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PB&J Radio 006 (Mixed by Live City) + Exclusive Interview