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Tech-House Jams

Just got back from a long day at work…I’ve been getting in a routine of blasting tech-house when I get home. Get out of my suit (yeah, everyday), cook dinner and relax just blasting this shit. Bumpin’ tech-house tracks go under the radar because they’re not WOMP WOMP WOMP or crazy vocals, but you have to appreciate this type of music. Awesome build-ups that leave you dying for the drops. Repetition at it its finest! Start to finish, or else you’ll miss out.

Download: Butch – Sweet in The Morning (Extended Vocal Version)   √++

Download: Mark Knight – Sax (Original Club Mix)

Download: Noferini – Burujava (Original Vibes Mix)

Download: Tube & Berger – Free Tribe (Original Mix)

Download: Kink – Rachel (Original Mix)

Download: Format:B – Gospel (Super Flu’s Antichrist Remix)


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  1. Kamara is founded in 2010 by Kasper Kwant, Martijn Jacobs and Ralph Jacobs. As a new group of musicians and DJ’s they bring all their musical experience into a new blend of techhouse which is full of african and eastern rhythms and influences.

    Kamara live is a combination of live percussion, sequencing and DJ’ing Kamara makes their festival debut at the Free your Mind festival 2011, being well received by the dancefloor and the press.

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Tech-House Jams