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The Calm Before the Storm

With Irene being forecasted as this horrific hurricane (Florida Jammers, that’s your cue to laugh), up in NJ I just can’t wait for this thing to get past us…I got shit to do! I can’t be sitting inside on my laptop all day – oh wait, school is around the corner, that IS what I will be doing .  Anyway, this collection of songs is for you nor’easterners that are doing the same.  Check out these smooth grooves and milky beats, building up to the last song being the metaphorical ‘storm’.

Calm before the Storm Zip

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Download^^: Quantax – Music For Her

Download^^: Morgan Page – In the Dark (Torus Remix)

Download^^: SBTRKT – Trials of The Past

Download^^: The Bohemian – Buddhism

Download^^: The Weekend – The Party & the After Party (Kastle Remix)

Download^^: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Nit Grit Remix)

Download^^: Nit Grit – Switch Up

jerZ flow

PB&Jam into the Storm

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The Calm Before the Storm