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Watch the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience on PB&J!

We’re very excited to announce that PB&J™ fans and readers will now have the opportunity watch the entire Electric Daisy Carnival Experience online (for free) thanks to our friends at Prescreen! Electric Daisy Carnival has become a touchstone experience for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. The EDC Experience is a documentary that immerses viewers in the world’s pre-eminent electronic music festival then hosted at the LA Coliseum featuring over a hundred A-list artists on five stages, plus 250 professional dancers, performers and world class acrobats. You may remember the premiere of EDC Experience this summer in LA with the riots that ensued after Kaskade’s surprise set outside the theater. If you happened to be at the Colesium in 2010 when dance music broke the seams and transformed into the movement it is today, then we salute you. If you weren’t, don’t miss out on EDC New York or Las Vegas this time around! Enjoy the film, it’s very well done and packed with heart-pounding performances, great visuals and exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews. Hit the link below, connect with FB and you can stream the film right to your computer or phone!

Watch: The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience


Cheers, PB&J

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Watch the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience on PB&J!